This is a remote learning opportunity for actors everywhere, following the FOUR WEEK FOUNDRY PROCESS of regular scene study. Regular weekly conditioning for the hard working professional actor ONLINE. This four-week class format provides rigorous and passionate exploration Story, Emotion, and Focus’. Expertly designed  to push artistic and professional growth for the professional/working actor.

Actors participating will be sent scenes in advance...actors may choose to work from either: (1) monologues, (2) audition scenes, (3) or with a partner on a full scene.

WEEK ONE: Analysis of the scene. Working from an interactive online web conferencing platform, actors will breakdown their scenes and study script analysis. Matthew will guide and teach the intellectual portion of acting with actors giving their input and reading along with shared screens.

WEEK TWO: Emotional analysis of the scene. Matthew will lead each actor through emotional preparation and the "chemistry" of the scenes and monologues, discussing ang guiding actros through personalization techniques.

WEEK THREE: Blocking, physicalization of scene, script challenges. Actors will present their ideas of approaching the scene and perform parts or whole of material and receive direction, notes, and approaches to the work.

BETWEEN WEEK THREE AND FOUR: The actors FILM their work, anything from in a professional audition studio, to shooting the scene on their phone and submit their scenes for review.

WEEK FOUR: Matthew reviews, critiques, and analyses the final product.

CLASS is weekly for four weeks.



WEDNESDAYS at 10AM (PDT): May 1, 8, 15, 22-  2024



Actors taking the Level II / III Scene Study Class MUST have a current membership of the ONLINE FOUNDRY. Register here

$395 for 4-week class 

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Also note that registration in the class is final and payments non refundable as of one week prior to the start date of the class, so make sure you let us know in writing if you need to cancel!  There is a $50 processing fee for each cancellation.

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