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Actor's FOundry Online Platform

An ONLINE acting CAMPUS for actors everywhere.  Learn and practice acting ONLINE. Share and communicate with fellow actors in this exclusive ONLINE community.  Connect with Matthew and his latest inspirations and teaching.

Weekly Classes & Workshops


The Foundry offers a range of classes and workshops at our studios in Vancouver, Toronto, and many other major cities...giving actors the clear tools and profound processes needed to succeed in the film/TV/theatre industry.

all that you already are

Acting is the art form of life and every actor has the life inside of them to be a successful working actor. 

Matthew Harrison's 20 years of experience as a coach and teacher has developed into the Foundry process...drawing out the best in everyone. 

By encouraging actors to think, inspiring them to feel and unleashing their natural charisma, Matthew and The Foundry has brought thousands of actors from Passion to Profession.


Passion  to profession

“There is work out there waiting for the positive and well-prepared actor”
~ Matthew Harrison

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"When I came to the Actor’s Foundry i was very guarded. I never really trusted myself to just be, to trust in, and do the work because I was wor­ried about judge­ment. When I came here, the judge­ment dis­ap­peared. I started to trust myself, and do the work. It gave me con­fi­dence, which was what I was search­ing for. I got all the ‘glass walls’ out of the way, became much more vul­ner­a­ble. I real­ized, “I’m not going to get judged. Everyone’s here to do the same thing.” That’s when my con­fi­dence started to grow."

Daniel Cud­more (Actor)
X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men 2, The Twilight Saga

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