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Tuesdays and Thursdays in December 1:00pm to 5:00pm                                       TORONTO
Tuesday 5th, Thursday 7th. Tuesday 12th, Thursday 14th, 2017

Matthew Har­ri­son | IMDB Pro­file

FUNNY is money.

Be prepared. Don’t let the feedback “not funny” be your feedback.

The COMEDY Intensive prepares actors for their comedy tapings and auditions working from sides culled from the most recent comedy pilots and series which will be given in advance.  As well as investigating approach to comedy, actors will also explore comedy archetypes and the perfect comic character to suit their specific branding.

Comedy takes hard work. Off book, playing off the partner, living the  emotional circumstances, and finding the moments AREN’T enough. Because  great comedy doesn’t only come from great acting. Funny work comes from well-educated acting. Know comedic scene analysis.  Absorb comic scene structure. Play the rules of comedic analysis (the rule of threes, the hard-switch, and the play-against). Knowledge and practice give the comedic actor the key to great funny acting: to let go and let the moments be spontaneous.right on cue.

And…oh, yeah…timing.

So, here’s how you’ll spend your two days:

CLASS ONE  Matthew will talk about comedy and what makes funny funny…including watching sitcom excerpts and exploring various comedy genres and styles. The class will include examples of breaking down scripts for the comedy, meaning standard CORE ARC analysis, plus breaking into threes, 180 degree switches, and the‘play-against’.

CLASS TWO - devoted to on your feet exercises in teaching  funny: it’s about the skill and not the content.

Actors are expected to rehearse with their partners in between classes 

CLASS THREE – comedy drills and exercises with script and run through for notes.

CLASS FOUR - running scenes audition style with notes and adjustments from Matthew 

$395 Including Tax

Audi­ting is not available for this workshop but everyone is invited on Sunday evening to see final scenes and meet Paul.

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