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Matthew Harrison on the craft of acting: a thorough immersion into acting, scene analysis, emotional preparation, building focus and performance. With downloadable study guides,  and resources…it’s everything the actor needs to GET SKILLED.

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Acquire the skills for a successful ACTING CAREER with over TWELVE HOURS of educational and entertaining videos to educate and inspire the actor along their learning path.

LEARN through clear, moving, and at times hilariously animated videos…discover the methodology and mechanics that Matthew has developed over the past twenty years of teaching thousands of actors…get the clear directives, solid tools, and a fresh and profound acting that the actor needs to get into the class of working actors.

These instructional videos offer a clear plan - a formula for attack - and a specific mechanical process. Learn: The Philosophy of Acting, Story Analysis, Emotional Preparation, Focus, and Performance. Along with downloadable graphs and study guides, these videos educate the actor in the Foundry process…so that the actor can communicate with the on-line CAMPUS community of other Foundry actors, work their tools and skills, practice and get real feedback…and forge for themselves a sustainable and successful acting career.

the teacher

Matthew Harrison has been teaching acting in Vancouver, Toronto, Los Angeles and around the world for over twenty years. He developed a distinct and comprehensive technique that became THE ACTOR’S FOUNDRY…with an emphasis on knowledge as a springboard to performance, Matthew and the Foundry have taught thousands of actors…and forged MANY, MANY successful careers in Hollywood and around the world.

IF you are feeling LOST as an actor…wondering how you can fill the gaps in your training…need the resources AT YOUR FINGERTIPS WHENEVER YOU NEED IT…

THIS is your home base! This is YOUR CAMPUS! Matthew and The FOUNDRY give actors THE TOOLS they need for success.


"Matthew’s classes have been instru­men­tal in my devel­op­ment as a pro­fes­sional actor. I look for­ward to his work­shops where I know that I’ll find the cre­ative and ener­gized envi­ron­ment Matthew facil­i­tates with his pos­i­tive approach to teach­ing. Matthew’s scene analy­sis makes coach­ing with him for an audi­tion or a role a joy as he is always able to sim­plify the scenes in order to find the true objec­tive and then he uses his acute sense of what makes peo­ple tick to find how that objec­tive relates specif­i­cally to my life. He has been one of the guid­ing forces in my career since I met him and I feel lucky to have found some­one like him to work with."

Michael Karl Richards (Actor)
The Big Year, Supernatural, Bringing Ashley Home, SGU Stargate Universe, V, Smallville, Lying to Be Perfect