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Acting jobs wait for THE WELL PREPARED ACTOR.






Bring all of your FILM/TV INDUSTRY business questions to this trwo day INTENSIVE BUSINESS workshop and get guidance, tools, a practical plan, and learn how the industry works and how to SUCCEED in it. 

Topics discussed are:

- Getting an Agent / Working with your agent

Branding and Pitching the actor

- Building a Five Year Plan

- Creating a Mission Statement

- Forging Industry relationships with Casting and Production

- Successful self-tapes

- Marketing the actor 

- Managing finances

- Working the local market and the perfect "hits"

- Developing projects (small - medium - large) 

- web presence and social media marketing

And much more. Matthew will clearly define for you the tools and perspective required to manage your life as an actor, addressing the delicate, precise balance between business, personal, and artistic sides of your career and helping you to identify how to invest your time in the most beneficial constructive fashion.


part 1: mapping out your business

We explore the definitions and philosophy of the BUSINESS OF ACTING. We answer the questions: “What is the business of acting?! How do I build my business into success?” By the end of the part, the actor will know how to create a business plan and pitch a product.

part 2: planning your future

We explore how to create a FIVE YEAR PLAN for success in the acting industry. We answer the questions: “What should I do to be successful?!  Develop the BUSINESS PLAN into a clear and specific daily/weekly/monthly activities to ENSURE SUCCESS in this CHANGING INDUSTRY!

part 3: marketing your product

We explore MARKETING THE PRODUCT based on your business plan…everything from head shots and demo reels, to websites and resumes, iMDB to Facebook. We answer the questions: “What do I do to teach casting and the world that I can act?! How do I get my name out there?!”

part 4: developing a project

We explore how to DEVELOP A PROJECT to push forward the marketing, business plan, and product of the business to jump start the actor’s career….




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