"Making IT" 



Matthew Harrison discusses the acting, business, and personal tools every actor needs to build a career in the theatre/film/ television industries.



VANCOUVER, Friday October 16th, 2022

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Matthew Harrison | IMDB Profile

A PROFESSIONAL SEMINAR with actor and master teacher, Matthew Harrison on the craft and the business of acting - and how to forge a successful acting career time in this very busy time.

The FILM/TV industry is at an all time high and is projected to stay this way for a long future. Are you looking to break out as an actor and build a more sustainable and successful career? 

Bring along all of your questions and learn from one of the industry's most respected and successful teachers.

Matthew offers this free seminar as a GIVE BACK to the acting community to inspire and encourage  actors everywhere. He has given this talk in London, LA, Vancouver, Cape Town, NYC and all across North America.


Ron White   | IMDB Pro file
Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Horrible Bosses, Sex and the City 2
That Cameron Crowe chose Matthew Harrison to be my acting coach was the luckiest break in a long time. My acting in ROADIES is all because of him and and because of his extraordinary process and his magic with script. Matthew’s brilliant. Gave my character heart. Made me get real. AND I noticed that it did really improve my stage performance. My stand up. It kinda woke me up a little bit, got me really connected to my audience, and I felt I was finding some real humanity I never touched before. Matthew is unbelievably good at what he does. He’s like a doctor: he cares, he’s patient, and he’ll fix you!

Rufus Sewell   | IMDB Pro file
Dark City, A Knight’s Tale, The Illusionist, The Holiday
Matthew is a tal­ented coach… with great instinct and with the nat­ural dis­cre­tion and tim­ing that is so essen­tial work­ing on set. I know I ben­e­fit­ted from his abil­ity and under­stand­ing in all these areas. I should also like to add he’s great fun to hang out with and I look for­ward to work­ing with him again.

Bran­don Jay McLaren  | IMDB Pro file
Graceland, The Killing, Being Erica, She’s The Man, Ransom
Matthew has a mas­ter­ful knowl­edge of the craft. and the intel­lect and insight to push you to the next level and get you work­ing.

Daniel Cud­more  | IMDB Pro file
X-Men: Days of Future Past, X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men 2, The Twilight Saga
When I came to the Actor’s Foundry i was very guarded. I never really trusted myself to just be, to trust in, and do the work because I was wor­ried about judge­ment. When I came here, the judge­ment dis­ap­peared. I started to trust myself, and do the work. It gave me con­fi­dence, which was what I was search­ing for. I got all the ‘glass walls’ out of the way, became much more vul­ner­a­ble. I real­ized, “I’m not going to get judged. Everyone’s here to do the same thing.” That’s when my con­fi­dence started to grow.


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