5 days and nights of acting and creativity on
Beautiful Bowen Island - August 24th to 28th


A special gathering of dedicated actors who will…

CATAPULT their acting into a whole new mastery. 
IGNITE their passion and ground their work
PARTICIPATE in the creation of a new industry project

In this 5 day summer intensive, FOUNDRY students and members of the ACTOR’S FOUNDRY ONLINE CAMPUS will dig deep in an intensive setting and work the technique of acting - raising their scene study ability and acting skill set to the best they have ever been…

Actors will workshop and collaborate on exercises of character - an exhaustive and exhilarating unveiling of the self and character and an unearthing of the best of who they are…

And actors will participate in the production of a new creative project - a property each member of the intensive will share in ownership. The group will workshop and create a film/stage work, working with guest writers and directors, highlighting the best of what we could create…

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Accommodation is at the Bowen Island Lodge, an ideallic and peaceful getaway on Bowen Island



DAY 1: MONDAY 24th August, 2020

Take the 8:00am ferry from Horseshoe Bay and arrive on Bowen Island ready to get started for the workshop at 9:30am.  Coffee and fresh croissants will await you.

Actors will be cast in advance in two person partnered scenes from stage and film and will be expected to arrive fully prepared (off book, analyzed, and rehearsed). The first day will consist of a group read and analysis, first team presentation, taking of direction and adjustments.

Lunch will be served at the lodge

There will be a first presentation to group and homework will be assigned.

A WELCOME BBQ (Bowen Island style) will be served for dinner.  Please feel free to bring your musical instruments for an Oceanside cookout and gathering.



DAY 2: TUESDAY 25th August, 2020
INTENSIVE PERFORMANCE scene presentation

Breakfast will be served at The Lodge between 7:30am and 8:30am

Warm ups. Vocal, physical, and emotional preparation.

Lunch will be served at the lodge

Rehearsal. And final Performance of scenes. Audiences are welcome.  Invite your friends and family to the Island.

Evening and dinner will be at large to explore the island, swim, kayak, bike ride or whatever feels good



DAY 3: WEDNESDAY 26th August, 2020
INTENSIVE EXERCISES character exploration

Breakfast will be served at The Lodge between 7:30am and 8:30am

Rigorous and intensive exploration of Self. Joy/shame/authenticity exercises. Personal monologue homework will be assigned.

Lunch will be served at the lodge

Development of improvisational scenes through vector/behavioural exercises…evolution of Character. Scene homework will be assigned.

Evening and dinner will be at large to explore the island, kayak, bike ride or whatever feels good – AND do the scene homework of course



DAY 4: THURSDAY 27th August, 2020

Breakfast will be served at The Lodge between 7:30am and 8:30am

Actors will be joined by a writing team 

Lunch will be served at the lodge

Best of Day 3 monologue, scene, and character work incorporated into improvisational workshopping through personal monologues, vector exercises, character explorations, story templates.


Group work: Actors break into groups after dinner with writing teams to evolve ideas into scenes. Scenes and monologues will be finalized.


DAY 5: FRIDAY August 28th, 2020

Breakfast will be served at The Lodge between 7:30am and 8:30am

Group work: Scenes/monologues rehearsal. Adjustments. Blocking. Dialogue locking.

Lunch will be served at The Lodge

Team work: Vocal, physical, and emotional preparation. Rehearsal. And final rehearsal of scenes.

NIGHT OF DAY 5: PERFORMANCE project fruition
Actors perform original work to invited audience.

Take the 10pm ferry from Bowen Island home


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COST: $2125 Includes Tax

The cost quoted is for single occupancy of either a garden view or ocean view room.  Most rooms have a queen bed or two twin beds and bathroom facilities are shared.  Actors are welcome to bring partners or friends who are not involved in the acting workshop to share the Bowen Island experience.  .  There is plenty for them to do while the actor is in class and they will be welcome to share meals and all other non acting workshop activities.  There will be an additional charge for meals for partners and friends.

Actors wishing to have a room or separate accommodation with bathroom facilites please email There is a limited amount of separate accommodation such as a seaside cottage, glamping tent and small suites.  This separate accommodation will incur an additional fee as per the Lodge's accommodation fees.

Actors wishing to share a room with another actor that are both participating in the Intensive for the five days will be afforded a $250 discount each, making the price for workshops, meals and accommodation $1875. This is subject to availability of course. 

This truly is 5 WHOLE DAYS IN AN ISLAND PARADISE SETTING - working together and playing together - pushing each other to our best as actors, artists, and people. And coming out with ownership of property: a work of meaning. What a way to spend a week of summer...

We hope you can make it


$2225 Includes Tax single room

$1975 Includes Tax shared room


Cancellations will be accepted up to 90 days before the workshop with no penalty

Cancellations made after 24th June 2020 and before 24th July 2020 will be subject to a $350 Cancellation fee 

NO REFUND will be possible after July 24th, 2020


To register please fill out the registration form:

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